Why work for Horizons Healthcare Agency?

Horizons is an RN owned and operated company. Our employees are not treated just as another number, but as an person that is valued! We want our employees to have a voice that is heard. Just as we aim to meet the needs of our healthcare facilities, our employees are treated as equally important! We strive to find the perfect fit for you in a workplace that is suitable for you.

We work with hospitals and healthcare facilities in Illinois. Horizons Healthcare is an agency that works to find assignments that are a perfect match for you!

Types of Assignments Available:

  • Per Diem Shifts
  • Part-time Contracts
  • Full time Contracts
  • Potential for permanent employment
Central Illinois Travel Nursing Agency
Peoria IL Healthcare Agency Team

Why work for a small company like Horizons VS a larger travel agency?

Your have options with our company unlike others. We offer full-time contracts, as well as per diem shifts for those nurses that just want pet-time employement. You will work directly with the owner and operator as your recruiter. You get to deal with one person from start to finish who will explore your preferences and strive to meet your requests. In larger companies there are several different departments that you may have to go through to have a concern or need addresses, this can become frustrating. In a smaller business you make up a bigger piece of the pie. This equates to your voice being heard. You can make a difference within the company. As Horizons continues to grow you play an important role in the process of company becoming bigger and better! We strive to create the perfect work life balance for you.

  • We offer Top Pay
  • Tax free travel stipends
  • Flexible assignments that fit your needs
  • Personal attention from an Employer who cares

Are you ready to begin the process of becoming an important piece of our travel nursing healthcare agency?