Employee Handbook

Please review the employee Handbook & Attendance Policy and sign below.

PDF Download: Horizons Employee Handbook - updated 9/2/2020

PDF Download: Horizons Attendance Policy

    This handbook does not constitute an express or implied contract for employment.

    This handbook & policy has been produced by the company for the guidance and orientation of our employees. None of the benefits or policies in this handbook are intended by reason of publication to confer any rights or privileges, or to entitle you to be or to remain to be employed by the company. The contents of this handbook are presented as a matter of information of employment only.

    This handbook does not constitute an express or implied contract for employment. It provides guidelines only and may be changed or disregarded when, in the opinion of management, circumstances so require. Management reserves the right to change the provisions of this handbook at any time, with or without notice. In almost all cases, changes to the handbook will be announced in a timely fashion. We will use one, some, or all of the following to announce changes when needed: staff meeting, department or division meetings, memos, and the bulletin board. However, we retain the right to implement some changes immediately without advance notice.

    HORIZONS HEALTHCARE AGENCY is responsible for maintaining a completely updated copy of this handbook available to all employees at all times. Copies of all changes will also be distributed to all associates and it will be up to you to make sure your handbook is current. In the event of a dispute, the most recently updated and announced version will be used.

    I, , have read the handbook & Attendance policy, have had an opportunity to ask questions, and fully understand the contents of the handbook & attendance policy and agree to abide by the policies.

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