Please rate your level of experience:

  1. 1. No Experience: Observed Only
  2. 2. Limited Experience: Performs < 6 Times Per Year (needs review)
  3. 3. Moderate Experience: Performs 1-2 Times Per Month; May Need Minimal Resource
  4. 4. Highly Experienced: Performs on a Daily or Weekly Basis; Proficient
A - Medication Administration

B - Phlebotomy/IV Therapy

C - Patients with Cardiovascular Problems

D - Respiratory

E - Patients with Neurological Problems

F - Patients with Wounds/Skin Problems

G - Patients with Endocrine Problems

H - Patients with Renal/GU Problems

I - Patients with Gastrointestinal Problems

J - Patients with Orthopedic Problems

K - Additional Medical-Surgical Skills

L - Age of Patients Cared For

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